Monday, January 30, 2006

Fabric Finds

I think I've finally found the perfect fabric for my living room curtains!

Quite some time ago, my mom & I stumbled upon some wonderful fabric for my kitchen/dining room curtains. It's called "Herb Text" and I think it's so "me". Instead of focusing on a solely herbal theme, we're going more for an Italian vineyard/bistro look.

Since then, I've been on a serious hunt for more fabric...this time for my living room. Our floorplan is such that the windows from both rooms are visible no matter where you are, so I knew the fabrics needed to play off of each other.

I requested a swatch of a promising fabric and it arrived today. I love it! Even my husband likes it! Yay! Now I just need JoAnn's to put all their drapery linings on sale! LOL Here are the fabrics. The one on the left is for the kitchen/dining room and the one on the right is for the living room.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Read a good book lately?

My kids are growing up...(sniff, sniff)...

We took all three kids to the library this morning and our oldest two, Andrew (8) and Annemarie (6), applied for their first library cards. I remember applying for mine when I wasn't much older than they are now.

They each checked out a book and couldn't wait to bring the books home. Andrew picked out an old favorite, but Annemarie went for a 6-in-1 volume of Dr. Seuss stories. My hubby, Steven, LOVES reading Dr. Seuss to the kids.

We made some other stops, then headed home for lunch. I had planned to go back out immediately to do our grocery shopping, but I was practically falling asleep sitting up. The (much needed) rain today made for perfect napping weather. Andrew & Annemarie each went to their own rooms and Olivia (4) snuggled in with us. We all fell asleep and woke up feeling very refreshed.

Andrew went with me to the grocery store and to JoAnn's, where we picked out a patch for a pair of Annemarie's jeans. She fell while outside playing and one spot on one knee has just started to fray. Andrew picked out the patch, it's a navy blue heart with all sorts of bright & fun embellishments on it. Annemarie LOVES it! Yay!

Loading up on groceries took a good 2 hours. This was our big stock up trip, and we nearly had to go to a second cart. It's amazing how much extra time it takes when you have to stop on nearly every aisle. Not to mention all the time I spent trying to convince Andrew that we didn't need every item on certain aisles...LOL

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Tomorrow I plan to do some laundry and dishes and then stitch, stitch, stitch. I feel the need to finish The Price of Freedom!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Soft Shell Crab...

It's official...Shelly, one of our little hermit crabs, has sucessfully molted!

She's our smallest hermit crab and the most friendly of the three we have. She's my favorite and I'm just thrilled that everything went well with the molt. We'll give her new exoskeleton a few more days to harden and then she can be re-introduced to the main tank. I'm sure by then, she'll be ready for a bath, as well.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Progress Bar Success!

Well, I haven't stitched in several days and it's all because of this blog...LOL

I've been desperate to create progress bars for my WIPs where I could put the actual percentage number (i.e., 10%, 30%, etc.) inside the bar itself, instead of on the same line as the bar's title (a long WIP title would cause the percentage to wrap to a new line). It sounds picky, but anyone who knows me can tell you I'm generally a picky person.

I was trying to create my bar with CSS & HTML. The great people at Blogger Forum were of tremendous help, but we couldn't achieve the exact look I was going for.

While Google-ing for some "magical" bit of CSS code, I found what I was looking for! If any of you fellow stitching bloggers need/want progress bars, look here. A lucky lady's husband wrote this Javascript for her knitting blog and was then kind enough to share it with others.

His directions for applying the code are wonderful. I even managed to change the border from black to white without messing up the script.

Now I can go through all my WIPs and figure up my percentages and add the bars to my blog. Yay!!!

I know my hubby will be happy to see me vacate the computer chair. I've been seemingly glued to it for the better part of the week. And truthfully, I'm looking forward to stitching again!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Well, it's official...I have a new addiction...

Yes, I am well and truly addicted to my blog. I spent the better part of this morning playing with extra features for my sidebar.

I now know how to make "progress bars" for my needlework projects. I only have one up right now, but I will add others before long.

I added an "email me" link. It doesn't do me much good to have a trade/sale link if no one can contact me about a sale or trade.

And last, but not least, I put a few of my blinkies on display. I have several more I'd like to upload, but unless I make my sidebar wider, there isn't room for them. And I've noticed that having more than 5-7 blinkies REALLY slows the page loading time. So I will be content with the ones I have and perhaps rotate them every so often.

On the stitching front, yes, I did stitch on The Price of Freedom this week, but no, I didn't finish it. I find it difficult to stitch when my 8-year-old son is practically begging for a rematch of Monopoly. I thoroughly trounced my son and my husband in a rather short game of Monopoly last week, and over the weekend my son proved he can do exactly the same both of us. My hubby really must learn to be a better loser...LOL...

As for my progress on The Price of Freedom, I did manage to finish the last bands of Scotch stitch and tent stitch. I still lack one band of needleweaving, some rows of "regular" cross stitches and backstitch. Then, it's on to the last two flag-styled hearts and the beading! The star "beads" are silver-plated and could use a good buffing. Thankfully, my mom has a spare jewelry cloth.

Tonight I plan to enjoy the chili I have cooking in the crockpot and then snuggle into my new chair to stitch. I can't believe I'm so close to finishing The Price of Freedom! Once it's done, I must get back to the little stitched gift I've been working on for a certain someone's birthday. I can't say for whom the gift is intended as *she* might just be reading my blog...

I hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Price of Freedom

I am loving my current stitching project! It's an absolutely stunning design from
The Sweetheart Tree entitled, The Price of Freedom.

Originally it was only offered as a kit, but I happened to stumble across the chart on Ebay and happily bid on it. Unfortunately, I lost my bid.

A couple of weeks later, an envelope from a LNS in Florida appears in my mailbox. Now I knew I hadn't ordered anything, so imagine my extreme delight in finding the chart & embellishment pack for The Price of Freedom inside the package!!! A dear sweet angel on the SMO board had purchased it for me because, as she said, "I know what it's like when a design really calls to you."

I was finally able to finish kitting up this project AND to start stitching on it! Here is my progress after 4 sessions.

I hope to have this finished within the next couple of days. Then I'll only have to wait for a framing coupon from Michael's, and, of course, some $$$ LOL

Why did I pick "Trinabelle's"??

Well, here it blog...

Why did I pick the name, "Trinabelle's"? It's simple, really. When I was a little girl, my mom took to calling me Trinabelle, and I loved it.

I debated about whether or not to start a blog. I asked myself, "Will I really post? Will I keep up with it? Does anyone really care what I have to say about anything?" Then I realized that it honestly doesn't matter.

I'm still not finished with the layout of my blog, but it's not that far from completion...yay!

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