Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stitch From Stash 2015 - January Update & A House Update!

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It's been a very busy month, in every way except for stitching. Right now, 99% of my stash is packed away, in preparation for the big move.

Speaking of the move, we have a house!!! Everything has moved very quickly. We went to our new city on Friday, January 9th, just to get the lay of the land and to see what types of properties were available. We'd done our research online and had a short list of 4 homes that we wanted to look at. We had already decided we'd make a second trip the following weekend, to do more house hunting following our nephew's birthday party. So what happened that first day was definitely a HUGE surprise to us all.

None of the 4 houses were just right, although one did stay on our short list. After lunch, my mom, my older daughter & I decided to keep driving around the area. We even stopped to walk through a model home for a new planned neighborhood. During this time, our realtor texted, saying a home had just come back on the market after the contract had fallen through. He felt it might be perfect for us. When he texted the address, my mom & I realized it was a house we'd looked at online repeatedly!

We waited for my husband to be done with work for the day and then met up with our realtor again. Our realtor is great friends with my sister-in-law, so she, my brother-in-law & one of our nieces tagged along for the showing. That made 10 of us (including our realtor) in one, thankfully, empty house. It was fun!!

Well, we put in an offer the next day and we're on track to close and move before Valentine's Day! Eek! This happened so quickly, but it feels so right! You can click the thumbnail for a larger image.

 photo imagejpg2_zps6ec2d283.jpg

Of course, we still own our current home, but everything seems to be working out there, too. No details on that, due to protecting the privacy of the potential buyers. I will say this; we really like them and we feel like our home is meant for them.

Hopefully, this time next month, I'll be able to post some interior shots of our new home makeover projects AND some stitching-related photos. I will, after all, finally have a craft room! Woohoo!

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