Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stitch From Stash 2015 - January Update & A House Update!

Month: January
Spent: $0
Earned: $0

It's been a very busy month, in every way except for stitching. Right now, 99% of my stash is packed away, in preparation for the big move.

Speaking of the move, we have a house!!! Everything has moved very quickly. We went to our new city on Friday, January 9th, just to get the lay of the land and to see what types of properties were available. We'd done our research online and had a short list of 4 homes that we wanted to look at. We had already decided we'd make a second trip the following weekend, to do more house hunting following our nephew's birthday party. So what happened that first day was definitely a HUGE surprise to us all.

None of the 4 houses were just right, although one did stay on our short list. After lunch, my mom, my older daughter & I decided to keep driving around the area. We even stopped to walk through a model home for a new planned neighborhood. During this time, our realtor texted, saying a home had just come back on the market after the contract had fallen through. He felt it might be perfect for us. When he texted the address, my mom & I realized it was a house we'd looked at online repeatedly!

We waited for my husband to be done with work for the day and then met up with our realtor again. Our realtor is great friends with my sister-in-law, so she, my brother-in-law & one of our nieces tagged along for the showing. That made 10 of us (including our realtor) in one, thankfully, empty house. It was fun!!

Well, we put in an offer the next day and we're on track to close and move before Valentine's Day! Eek! This happened so quickly, but it feels so right! You can click the thumbnail for a larger image.

 photo imagejpg2_zps6ec2d283.jpg

Of course, we still own our current home, but everything seems to be working out there, too. No details on that, due to protecting the privacy of the potential buyers. I will say this; we really like them and we feel like our home is meant for them.

Hopefully, this time next month, I'll be able to post some interior shots of our new home makeover projects AND some stitching-related photos. I will, after all, finally have a craft room! Woohoo!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2014 - December Update

I cannot believe that SFS 2014 is at an end. Where did the time go?

My year of SFS is ending rather quietly, with me only having spent $1.79 this month, on a single card of DMC Color Infusions Memory Thread (it's for an ornament on my list for next year). For the year, I only spent $91.19, although my official total might be a bit less, thanks to the various bonuses granted by Mel's husband.

I've been stitching on a Christmas gift for my mom. The chart has been in my stash for several years and I finally decided on how I want to finish it. No further details until after Christmas, as my mom sometimes reads my blog. The Calico Crossroads ornament has been set aside, as my mom's gift definitely takes priority.

In other news, we're preparing to move! We won't be moving too far; "just" 90 miles away, give or take a few miles. We're still looking for the right rental property. In the meantime, almost all of our time has been spent purging, packing & planning ahead of listing for sale our home of 18 years. When we built this house, it was just the two of us. Moving in took the smallest of rental trucks and a couple carloads of miscellaneous stuff. Now we have 3 teenagers and have spent nearly half my life in this house. Until we started going through closets & cabinets, I didn't realize how much stuff we had accumulated. Unreal! If all goes well, we'll be reloacted no later than the beginning of March, but hopefully early February.

I'm keeping select group of projects in my stitching bag, so that I won't go into withdrawals while the rest of my stash is packed away. Oh, the sacrifices a stitcher must make to stage her home for sale.

Money spent: $1.79

DMC Color Infusions Memory Thread - Silver

Saturday, November 29, 2014

25 Days of Christmas at The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

I must admit to being very late in discovering Nancy & The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I've seen her mentioned on countless blogs, but just never got around to clicking any provided links. Although, now that I've looked & read & looked some more, I think my wallet is thanking me!

Nancy has so many wonderful goodies available (charts, floss, trims, etc.) and is also hosting 25 incredibly generous giveaways! On her blog, she refers to herself as "Santa Nancy"; too cute and so very appropriate!

So, head on over to The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe for some wonderful Christmas fun!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2014 - November Update

I didn't spend anything this month, but I did stitch!

My daughter absolutely loves the peacock necklace I stitched for her as a birthday gift. It was a fun stitch, although I'm not a fan of the floss Dimensions uses in their kits. It tends to fuzz/fray rather easily.

I also started a project from stash. The chart, Snow by Calico Crossroads, came from my not-so-LNS' bucket of free things. The model picture caught my eye and, upon further reading of the supply list, I felt certain I had everything to stitch it in my stash. I was right!

I'll post the finished piece along with December update next month.

For now, here's the picture of the peacock necklace! Click for a larger image...

 photo 20141128_221306_zpscz7f9o2_edit_1417234553285_zpshaypjwar.jpg

Last, but not least, here's a picture of the exchange piece I mentioned in September's update, but forgot to post with October's update. The craft foam leaf was provided by the coordinator of the exchange, and was ours to embellish as we pleased. The design is a complimentary chart from La-D-Da, the floss is DMC Color Variations and the grommet, ribbon & button were in my stash. I'm thrilled with how it turned out! As always, click for a larger image...

 photo 20141102_112629_zpsc5g4mey0.jpg

Money spent: $0

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2014 - October Update

It's been another busy month, including a number of big changes for our family (positive changes, definitely deserving of their own post), but I did manage one quick trip to Hobby Lobby early in the month.

Might I add that I love getting coupons on my phone, through the Hobby Lobby app. 40% off one item is always nice!

Money spent: $7.78

Dimensions - Large Circle Peacock Necklace kit - $4.79 (after the 40% off coupon)
Yarnology - 14ct Perforated Plastic - Clear - $2.99

The peacock necklace kit will be stitched & wrapped up ahead of my older daughter's 15th birthday late next month. She's chosen a peacock theme for her party and she loves fun accessories and jewelry, so the kit couldn't be more perfect for her.

The perforated plastic will be used to make some fun hair accessories I spotted in a British stitching magazine. I was pleased to discover that Hobby Lobby carries the plastic in both clear and white.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2014 - September Update

September was another very busy month, but I did manage both a little bit of stitching AND shopping.

The stitching was for another exchange, so no pictures until next month's update. I seem to be on an over-one-on-22ct kick.

As for the shopping, I picked up this year's JCS Ornament Issue and a LoRan Magnetic Needle Case, for my favorite size 26 gold needles. The fact that it has a purple cap doesn't hurt.

Money spent: $11.78

JCS 2014 Christmas Ornaments Issue
LoRan Magnetic Needle Case

Monday, September 01, 2014

Oliver & Company ~ Our Story

From the moment I first saw the animated movie, Oliver & Company (1988; I was 12), it became a favorite of mine. When it was finally made available on DVD, I had to have it. I've watched it with my kids and they love it, too.

 photo P4040100.jpg

In January 2007, my husband and older daughter went to Petsmart to get more supplies for our hermit crabs...and came home with a 10-month-old kitten whom a local shelter had named "Gabe".

We bonded very quickly & he was immediately renamed, Oliver.

For nearly 8 years, he was our incredibly predictable morning alarm, our lap & foot warmer, hunter of geckos & moths, chaser of toys & treats and connoisseur of tuna.

I knew very early on that Oliver was unwell. Our vet diagnosed feline IBS. We modified his diet and saw amazing improvement. He was nearly symptom-free until a few months ago. He began refusing his wonderful dry food. We switched to wet food, he loved it and his symptoms appeared to subside. I chalked it up to him being a finicky feline.

At the start of this Labor Day weekend, he stopped eating again, and I just somehow knew that this time it was different.

Of course, our vet's office was closed for the long weekend. Through Friday night and Saturday morning, I held onto a shred of hope that he'd rally and prove me wrong. He was still using his litter box, still "talking" to me, still trying to make certain I was okay.

Sunday morning, we all realized he couldn't wait until our vet reopened on Tuesday. I had to work most of the day, unfortunately, but my husband & kids spent the time sitting with Oliver, loving on him and talking to him.

That evening, the wonderful staff at our animal emergency hospital helped him to cross the rainbow bridge. We were able to stay with him the entire time. The doctor and both assistants were so compassionate and gentle. For that, I will be forever grateful.

We brought Oliver home and laid him to rest in the backyard. We plan to make a memorial stone to mark his spot.

The house feels empty. His food and water bowls, his litter box, his bed & toys are all still in their spots. His treats are sitting on the kitchen counter. I keep waiting for him to just appear.

Goodbye sweet Oliver. You were a wonderful addition to the family and we will always remember you.

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