Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bookmark & Blog Success and a Shelly Update!

My mom LOVES her bookmark. Steven did manage to stop by her place before heading out to work...yay! Happy Birthday (again), Mom!

On the blog front, I think I've finally achieved the "look" I want for my blog, at least for now. I'm considering adding a little jeweled border between my header graphic and the 3 columns, just to soften the transition a bit.

And one more little update on our newly-molted hermit crab, Shelly. After giving her several days to "harden up", we gave all three of our crabs a bath and put them all back into their tank. Shelly settled right back in.

When I passed by the tank yesterday, I noticed Shelly's shell lying in an odd position. I picked it up and it was empty! So I picked up the "hermit hut" and there were all three crabs...only Shelly was in a new shell! She apparently decided her old shell was no longer habitable. So, she abandoned it and settled into one of the empty "extra shells" we keep in the tank. Now she looks nearly identical to our other tiny crab, Two Claws. The kids were so excited by all the recent changes!

That's about it for today. I'm hoping to get more stitchy stash scanned in and uploaded to my sale/trade albums tomorrow. I've realized I have a good bit of excess that needs to go before it drives me nuts...LOL!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Well, I'm only seven days late in finishing this, but here it is! I wanted to stitch a little something for my mom and then I came across the pattern for this bookmark. Violets are her birth flower and I love purple.

I backed the bookmark with some sticky felt and I even used my pinking shears on the felt, just to "pretty it up". The thick felt also gives the bookmark some body, which I like.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

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